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WILDedu Programs

WILD edu’s at-risk teen program focuses on building character, developing self-worth, teaching leadership, communication and responsibilities, while creating strong morals through outdoor activities and young rescue training courses.

WILDedu Programs

At WILDedu our mission is to empower and educate teenagers through new experiences in the great outdoors. We want to build character and develop self-worth, while they conquer fears and take on new adventures.
We want to get teenagers off the streets and show them new possibilities for the future. Instead of being idle at home and in the neighborhoods, we want to take them outdoors and challenge them mentally, physically and morally and from those challenges allow them to grow as individuals.

Activities We Offer

Whitewater Rafting

Kayaking Day/ Overnight Trips 

Climbing/ Rappelling

Backcountry Camping


Overnight Expeditions




@ Hope Teen Programs

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Wild Therapy

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Guided Expeditions

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Skills Courses

Swiftwater Rescue


ACA KAyaking Courses



After School and Day Programs

When you are off the beaten path and hours away from an established medical faculty and medical professionals, are you prepared to care for and treat possible life threatening injuries and/or conditions?

Climbing Gym

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Kayak Excursion

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Beach Hike and Hot Dog Roast

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