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About Us

We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization that focuses on outreach programs for at-risk teens, providing technical rescue courses and creating nature and activity based therapy expeditions.

WILD edu’s at-hope teen program focuses on building character, developing self-worth, teaching leadership, communication and responsibilities, while creating strong morals through outdoor activities and young rescue training courses.

WILD edu has the privilege of teaching technical rescue courses and emergency medical classes to government agencies and guide companies around the country.

WILD Outreach


  • @ Hope Teen Programs
  • Wild Therapy
  • Guided Expeditions


  • Skills Courses
    • Climbing
    • ACA Kayaking Courses
    • Mountaineering

WILD Rescue


  • Technical Rescue / NFPA Standard
    • Swiftwater Rescue
    • Boat Operations
    • Rope Rescue
    • Confined Spaces 
  • SOLO Wilderness Medicine
    • Wilderness First Aid
    • Wilderness First Responder

WILD Rescue


  • American Heart Association
    • BLS CPR for Healthcare Providers
    • First Aid & CPR
    • K-12 First Aid & CPR
  • American Red Cross
    • BLS CPR
    • Lifeguarding / Waterfront


WILD Outreach Programs

Rafting trip in North Georgia Mountains

WILD Rescue Programs

We offer Swiftwater and Floodwater Rescue courses, Rope Rescue, and Boat Operator courses that meet or exceed the NFPA standards and FEMA experience requirements. 

Technical Rescue Courses That Meet NFPA Standards and FEMA Experience Requirements

WILDedu is an approved technical rescue training provider for the Florida State Fire College and has worked with agencies across the country.

Swiftwater Rescue

Swiftwater and Floodwater Rescue Technician Basic – (SFRT1)

Swiftwater and Floodwater Rescue Technician Advanced – (SFRT2)

Boat Operations

Rescue Boat Operator Course

Swiftwater Boat Operator Course


Rope Rescue

Technical Rope Rescue Technician 

Technical Rope Rescue Operations

Advanced Rope Rescue

Tactical Rope 


Confined Spaces

Confined Space Rescue Technician – (CSRT)

SOLO Wilderness Medicine

When you are off the beaten path and hours away from an established medical faculty and medical professionals, are you prepared to care for and treat possible life threatening injuries and/or conditions?

Wilderness First Aid (WFA)

Our Wilderness First Aid (WFA) course is an introduction to treating medical conditions, injuries and environmental emergencies in the wilderness. Learn how to identify issues, prevent them if possible and handle them if they occur. This course is a great first step into understanding the world of emergency wilderness medical care.

Wilderness First Responder (WFR)

Wilderness First Responder (WFR) course is a more in-depth wilderness medical course. The WFR course allows us to run multiple rescue scenarios and intense medical situations. Participants get tons of hands on training and practice time dealing with musculoskeletal and soft tissue injuries, environmental emergencies, medical conditions and Survival Skills. This is an ideal course for trip leaders and rescuers.

Wilderness EMT

Please Call (904)333-9844 with inquiries about this certification.

Work Place Safety

AHA BLS for Healthcare Provider

CPR & First Aid

Red Cross Lifeguarding Pool/Waterfront

Please call or email us with any questions.


Phone: 904-333-9844

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